Want us to email your resume to you?

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Do you have a resume on file here at 5th on 5th, that you would like us to email or fax to you?
No problem!

Since we are so careful to protect your privacy and keep all of your personal information confidential, we just need to make sure that you are you! Basically, we just need some proof of identification before we can release your resume to you.  So, here’s what you do:

  • Open up this Resume Request Form, which just asks you a some quick questions about the information on the resume you are requesting, as well as what email or fax number we need to send it to.
  • Fill out the form (Microsoft Word is probably easiest), and please: make sure you provide the information that is on the resume that you are requesting, as proof of identification.
  • Once you’ve filled out the form, all you have to do is email it to us! You can send it to either: anne@youth.ab.ca or info@youth.ab.ca. Or if you prefer, you can fax it to: 403.380.4584.
  • Once we receive the form you filled out, we will make sure it matches the information on your resume. If it does,  we will send you a copy right away.
  • That’s it! Easy, right?


*** Of course, if you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call (403.329.3555) or shoot us an email: info@youth.ab.ca

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