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Legacy Gifts « 5th on 5th Youth Services

Legacy Gifts

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“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back.”
-Anthony Robbins

 Legacy Giving:
Charitable Bequests/Gifts in Wills
This is not about the gift. This is about the donor: you.

Charitable bequests are entirely about you, because at the very heart of giving a gift in will are the deeply rooted values and highly personal beliefs you hold.  To give such an exquisite, eloquent gift is a gesture of searing sincerity; a legacy gift is a beautiful reflection of one’s beliefs about the meaning of life. Ultimately, it is about a person’s ability to leave a meaningful footprint in the world after he or she is gone.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
– Albert Pike

The Perfect Gift 
For You
Legacy giving can be an appropriate gift for a loyal few – those people wholoyally believe in what 5th on 5th Youth Services stands for with just as much conviction as we.

  • Those people that have been with and supported 5th on 5th Youth Services for many years with unwavering loyalty.
  • Those people that have a shared commitment our organization’s mission: to support youth to responsible, capable, and caring individuals, by providing opportunities to pursue goals in education, employment/career development, and social development. 
  • Those people who share our commitment to, and investment in, the very beliefs, values and principles behind our mission, driving our mission, fueling our mission.
  • Those people who are mutually invested in the success of youth, that set their sights high in sharing 5th on 5th’s vision: to be Southern Alberta’s foremost organization in the provision of youth programming and services that help youth become productive members of society.
  •  Those people who are pleased with what we have done, take pride in what we are doing, and are passionate about what we will do.
  • Those who know what a difference 5th on 5th continues to make and look to the future with optimism – believing in the future of our youth, and deeply believe  our role in it.


“Unity in all things Necessary, Liberty in all things Unnecessary, and Charity (love) in all.”
– Richard Baxter

What is it, Anyways?
The Basics:
1.  Making a Legacy Gift (also known as  a Charitable Bequests or Gifts in Will) is when someone decides to add a beneficiary to his/her will – but instead of adding a person, his/her chosen charity (or two) is written into the will.
2. When he/she passes away, leaving this world forever, the charity that  he/she chose will “inherit” the gift left to them, creating a legacy to live on through the gift.
3. Legacy Giving usually mean a tax break, upon death (because the money given to the charity what would have otherwise gone to government through taxes)
4. Creating a Charitable Bequest is very easy!  Deciding to give a Legacy Gift, and determining the amount and recipient charity is the hard part – actually making the Gift is simple.

If you would like some more information on how to make a Legacy Gift to 5th on 5th Youth Services / Lethbridge Youth Foundation please contact us at 403.329.3555 or info@youth.ab.ca to set up an appointment.

“I hope that when you leave here you will have the knowledge of who you are and the challenges and power of what you can do to make a difference in the ultimate reality show, survival on earth.
I want to motivate you to do the following: educate, advocate, and donate.”

– Ethan Zohn