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Student and/or volunteer? Here are a few things you may be interested in…

  • Check out our ‘Summer Job Hunting Advice (for students)“!
  • Are you a student looking for a practicum placement? Or maybe you are interested in doing an applied study? We take both; contact us today to get started.
  • Looking to volunteer? If you enjoy community service, or need some volunteer hours for school, or  just want to try something new…  We would love to have you volunteer with us!
  • Resume blues? Whether you don’t know where to even begin to write a resume, or you’d like help with your cover letter, or even you’ve simply lost you’ve lost your resume, we can help! Come in Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.
  • Lost on how to fill out that student loan applications? Come in Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.
  • Not sure what to expect at the interview you just got scheduled? Come in Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.
  • No idea what to do next? Perhaps you would just like some help figuring out your next step… Come in Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.
Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us anytime, and we’ll help you!
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