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Did you know…all of our programs and services at 5th on 5th are absolutely FREE?!

> Youth (15-30)

  • Do you have a goal? We want to help you meet it!
  • No idea where to even start looking for a job? Start with us!
  • New to Canada, and having trouble with all of the paper work?
  • Looking to improve your skill set?
  • Do you self-identify with having a disability, but want to pursue goals in employment, anyway?
  • Interested in to getting paid… to learn?
  • Do you have an upcoming test you would like some help with? Whether you are studying for a math test or off to write your Learner’s License test, we can definitely help!
  • Want more information about what internships and scholarships are available?

Sound familiar? Click here to learn more about all the ways 5th on 5th can help you!



  • Interested in a way to make training more affordable?
  • Are you hiring? Whether you’re searching for a new permanent employee, or hoping to fill a temporary position, we can help!
  • Do you just need someone to do an odd job?
  • Hiring later? You might be eligible to receive training dollars!
  • Seeking someone with great potential?
  • Perhaps you’re looking for a way to support youth in your community…
  • Or maybe you’re simply wondering what programs and services we offer at 5th on 5th that can benefit you, as an employer!

Interested? Click here for more details on how we can benefit employers & businesses!


> Volunteer

  • Looking to volunteer? If you enjoy community service, or need some volunteer hours for school, or  just want to try something new…  We would love to have you volunteer with us?
  • Resume blues? Whether you don’t know where to even begin to write a resume, or you’d like help with your cover letter, or even you’ve simply lost you’ve lost your resume, we can help!
  • Searching for a job? From casual labour to careers, 5th on 5th has you covered!
  • Lost on how to fill out that student loan applications?
  • Not sure what to expect at the interview you just got scheduled?
  • No idea what to do next? Perhaps you would just like some help figuring out your next step…

Want to hear more? Click here for more information!


-> Donor

  • Did you hear? We can now accept online donations, making giving as convenient for you as it ought to be!
  • Wondering about the difference your last donation made, and trying to learn more about what exactly your support made possible?
  • Hoping to donate today, but unsure of how to go about it?
  • Questions about Donor Appreciation, Donor Anonymity, or Donor Options?
  • Update us with your new mailing address, so we don’t lose contact after your get all settled in your new place? Or perhaps you would prefer email?
  • Planning to leave a Legacy Gift?
  • Considering making a donation to our cause, but would like to learn more about 5th on 5th’s mission, vision, and work, first?
  • Perhaps you would be interested in a personal tour of 5th on 5th?


… Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us an email! Tell us who you are, a little bit about yourself,
and what you’re looking for- and then we will tell you how what we can do for you!

You could also give us a quick call or even just drop in- we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have:)

5th on 5th Youth Services
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